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Training Events
All training performed by Jason Bader
 & Danah Head

NEW! Distribution Reality 101

Ever wondered how to get sales, purchasing, warehouse, operations and even accounting to work together, talk the same language, and have a united goal?

Read more for how we can help you FIND CASH and create departmental cohesion for your company... AND we will have FUN too!

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The 2 Day Inventory Management Seminar for Distributors  

A unique opportunity for all management personnel to learn over 30 different "hunting for cash" ideas that can be implemented immediately. All aspects of purchasing, inventory management, warehouse operations, branch operations, receiving and put away, cycle counting, dead stock management and practical distribution industry technology will be covered. This class is offered in the Spring and Fall, and is limited to the first 40 participants.

This is not an academic session. We cut through the theory; and get down to the meat and potatoes of managing inventory. Hundreds of distribution professionals have benefited from this valuable training experience.

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The Private Company Inventory Management Seminar

This service is a condensed version of our award winning Inventory Management Seminar designed to fit the needs of your organization.  During the presentation, we cover material best suited to the audience.  The goal of this session is to get everyone of your key personnel on the same page in a short amount of time.  This is well suited to multi-branch organizations. 

We guarantee that the group will come away with a priority list of cash hunting objectives.  Due to the personal nature of the training, participants will often develop solutions to nagging challenges during the session.  It has been our experience that implementing new ideas becomes easier when everyone hears the same message.  Give us a call and we can discuss the opportunity.

The Inventory Management Webinar – Coming Soon 

This web based training product was developed to meet the needs of the modern distribution professional.  Sometimes you just can't get away to a 2 day event.  Travel is getting expensive and your time is at a premium.  Based on a survey of our newsletter subscribers, we have created the webinar product.  After a year of delivering a live product, we realized that a majority of participants would simply prefer to download the recorded session and view the information on demand.  With the challenge of differing time zones, it just makes sense.

The content will follow the same flow as our traditional inventory seminars.  Each class will contain 50 - 60 minutes of content. We will talk about several topics:  inventory as cash, customer profitability, warehouse design and security, inventory accuracy, dead stock management, inventory measurement and analysis, distribution software controls, reporting, price adjustments and many more.

After viewing the session, as many times as you like, you always have the option of emailing us questions.  We strive to bring flexibility and affordability to our training.  This is truly a modern, economical solution for the busy distribution professional.

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