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Training Testimonials

“The Distribution Team has hit this training out of the park.  The interaction between all levels of our organization was incredible from our warehouse leadership to our upper level management.  The simulation really breaks our business, distribution, down so that any level of employee within our organization can understand why we make the decisions we do.  It’s as if they have ripped the roof off of our building so our employees can get a peek as to what other people in the company are doing including inventory, purchasing, accounting, etc.  Jason and Danah really have found a way to step back from the simulation and bring any teachable moment to their students.

I strongly recommend this training to any organization in distribution and I believe that your employees will love the training and the knowledge that they gain from it.” 

-- Luc Choquette   Green Mountain Electrical Supply  Vermont  (Business Reality Simulation)


"I wanted to personally thank you as I think you did a tremendous job as the instructor of the course and I will certainly be sending other employees your way in the future.  Great job and I hope our paths cross again at some point!"

--Luc Choquette, Green Mountain Electric Supply, Inc

”Jason had a great training seminar. As a newer branch manager, Jason’s training made me realize that I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past two years. I believe that now I have some of the tools I have been looking for and will need in the future, to make my branch and my team profitable for Hunzicker Brothers.”

--Scott Shepherd, Hunzicker Brothers Inc.


“Jason came to Houston for two training days for our company. His information was well presented, and, even though I have had years of experience in the areas covered, I took away ideas and more knowledge after attending. My main reason for our company attending was to raise the skill level of our warehouse managers. I started with two of the managers, and they came away with new found knowledge. After the event, I challenged both of them to come up with at least 2 concepts/ideas that they gained from the training and write an implementation plan for not only their locations but across the whole company all 9 of our warehouse locations. They both were excited with the training and enthusiastic about getting back to work with their new insight.”

--Jim Kilgo, Tubelite


I have learned so much from Jason and am already putting a lot into the works. I have even started using the word vault instead of using the word warehouse, and I already have a layout for our next vault meeting. I have also started to look at our margins vs our customer sales to measure profitability. Because I am the warehouse manager, I am so focused on what's going on just in the vault; however, my wife is one of the top CSR and consignment order taker, and I am going over everything with her as well so she understands the great things I have learned from Jason. When I first returned to work I had so many headaches from pulling errors, so I called the team to my office and explained how much the cost of errors really cost us. I really enjoyed the seminar and I am trying to implement everything into my learning curve.
--Eddie Kramarcik, Tubelite

“As always, anytime you can come back from a seminar with even one or two good & useful ideas, it pays for itself.  With this seminar, those attending should have come away with more than that.”
--D. Guenther, Distributor Consulting LLC


"Just wanted to thank you again. Everyone was very impressed with your presentation. I myself learned a lot. The owners did not plan on staying all day but you must have gotten their attention because they did not want to leave. Now I hope we can take what we learned and make this company some more money. Everyone agrees it is money well spent. Thanks again.
--M. Stephens, McQuade & Bannigan, Inc.


"Jason is a niched specialist that knows what we distributors deal with better than any presenter I have heard before."     
--Sam Rogers, Pool Contractors Supply

"I believe that this day has been the highlight of my experience at Safeware in my new position so far. Your professionalism and ability to relate to a very diverse cross section of management personalities speaks volumes for your current and future success. Your teaching skills really shone brightly!   I believe strongly that this seminar will do more to enhance and add enormous credibility to some of my personal objectives (and objectives and goals for Safeware) in a true team spirit and focus. I feel strongly with the new mindset of seemingly   “some of the little things we do daily” will add up to a tremendous difference in determining the profitability of our company. Congratulations on a great job!  You certainly may use this endorsement and my personal reference any time requested by potential clients. "
--Bill Versek, Safeware Inc.


"Would highly recommend this seminar."   
--Mike Hymes, Littlejohn Inc.

"This type of training should be packaged with any new software upgrade."                            
--Durrel Horst, Agri-Service LLC

"Jason is an outstanding presenter.  We not only learned, but had fun doing it.  I would recommend this course for the inexperienced as well as the experienced.  I have many things to address once I get back to the office."
--Brian Causey, Transaxle

Best seminar I ever attended.    
--Daneen Migatulski, Atlantic Tactical

"An "eye-opener".  Same background as Jason - could really relate to his examples."
--Bruce Vander Berg, Fasteners Inc.

"Jason was very good during the presentation.  I would highly recommend this for any company."
--Kirt Stevens, Fasteners Inc.

"Class was fun and enjoyable.  Would highly recommend."
--Chad Cantrell, Atlanta Electrical Distributors

"Jason was willing to stick around and answer individual questions.  Created a comfortable environment. Was very well educated on material."
--Thom Mruz, Neuco 


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